interface thinktank

A lot of things bother me, so I decided to have fun with this. When I had an hour to spare, I would design creative solutions for problems that may need solving. They aren't perfect or fully thought out, but rather used to push me to come up with quick solutions under a time constraint. I would typically spend 1 hour on each one. It's also an excellent way to take a break from day to day work.

Music Player:
When listening to shuffled playlists, I always thought it would be fun if I could swipe to skip songs.

Sonos Controller:
I never understood why Sonos interface was so dull. Integrating artwork of what you're currently watching or listening to would be beautiful!

Boarding Pass:
Just felt like adding some pop to mobile boarding passes. What if I could present my photo ID on the boarding pass? No one wants to dig through their purse or pull out their wallet anymore! It's 2017!

Bluetooth Settings:
There is nothing more frustrating than trying to reconnect to a speaker via Apple's Bluetooth setting. I have 3 Bose SoundLinks, and they appear as a list forcing me to try each one! A visual would be helpful.

Google Maps:
A challenge to see how I could integrate the destination information along with directions overview.

I got tired of the same old travel platforms. I decided to add some visual personality and edge.

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