evzdrp feed

**Due to confidentiality issues I cannot fully disclose what EVZDRP is.**

EVZDRP approached me to redesign the UX/UI of their feed.

This product has an MVP, and their team discovered testers are dropping off at this critical point in the user flow. The feed is supposed to serve as a navigational element for content, yet users are hitting a wall.

EVZDRP was rushing to get an improved MVP in front of potential investors. Thus time was not on our side. It prevented us from doing a complete UX/UI overhaul.

Take an existing architecture and help drive user engagement.

My role
It was a collaborative effort consisting of myself and the founders of EVZDRP.

Customer Insights & User Research:
Together we discovered insights on the issues their MVP testers were experiencing with the current design. We observed how and why people we’re getting confused

Experience Strategy & Vision:
I developed sketches and low-fi mocks to showcase the improved user experience to help drive user engagement

Design Execution:
Design high fidelity screens iOS development

After receiving the feed, I took note of the glaring issues.

Main Feed:
• What is the CTA? Listen? Like? Scroll?
• UI is overwhelming, cluttered, confusing
• Header detracts from content flow below
• Navigation is getting lost in the mix
• Content doesn’t feel like a navigational element

After conducting user research, my initial thoughts were on par with the MVP tester issues.

MVP tester insights:
• Felt like Instagram, assumed they were going to “Like” the image and scroll
• Overwhelmed by the interface

After collecting all of our insights, I started to sketch out a new user experience.

The biggest hurdle was getting people to use the feed as a navigational element. I believed the addition of cards was essential; it would help users understand it was an entry point for content.

We also simplified some interactions. The feed had one purpose, drive users to the content.

• Removed commenting
• Removed filter since it was a feature for EVZDRP 2.0
• Condensed sharing/report into one button
• Retained the ability to “Like” since it would serve as an indicator for returning users

Also, by muting the header and adding color to the navigation, it became apparent to users the three types of feed they could access.

I suggested narrowing the navigation down to two, "Following" and "Discover," however, due to the build of the MVP, it was something we could not change.

We tested the new UX/UI, and the feedback was very positive. The addition of cards and simplified user interactions pushed users seamlessly through the feed to content they could enjoy.

There is a lot to improve on, but with the constraints of this project, we achieved our goal.

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